How to chose the best web developer

With this new wave of doing things online, many companies have decided to turn their businesses online. Considering the fact that many things are now in online sites, companies are required to utilize online platforms so that they can boost their product awareness to a wide range of audience.

The best way that companies can bring their products out there is through creating user friendly websites. Since not everyone has the right knowledge on how they can develop websites, many companies have resulted into hiring web developers who are going to create and manage the company’s website.

However, not every web developer is genuine. And it is for this reason that before a company hires a web developer, there are a number of factors that should be considered prior to hiring them.

Some of the components a company should look into in a web developer are as follows:

  • Check out their work portfolio.

The web developer should have a very strong work portfolio that clearly indicates their strength in the web development field.

Their portfolio should show the amount of similar jobs they have undertaken and the results they bore.

Besides from that, they should also show you one or many of their own created websites that is a success and user friendly in all aspects.

  • Ask for recommendations from previous clients

It is very necessary to find out how this web developer works with other clients. If they can provide a good recommendation or review from previous works, then you can have full confidence in them.

One thing to remember when this potential employee is submitting their recommendation and client reviews is that you as the employer should be keen enough to make sure that these components are not fake or fabricated.

  • You need to gauge them based on how well they respond to setbacks and the parameters they use to measure success

These above mentioned components go hand in hand when you want to hire a web developer for your company.

It is very important if you know how well they are going to handle setbacks so that when things start to shake a little bit, they are not going to abandon your company.

When it comes to the parameters they use to measure success, the web developer should not be too extravagant or a mediocre. They should know how to balance between these two components in order to benefit the company at large.


Web development is a very integral part of any company that is looking to boost its sales and product awareness. For this reason, a careful and meticulous analysis of the soon- to- be web developer should have all of the necessary skills both intellectually and personally that will make sure the company completely thrives.

The human resource department should ensure that the background check they do on the web developer is more than thorough because future of the company depends on how well they will do their job.