How Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc, can be used to promote your business

Social media platforms are the most effective avenues of communication in today’s world. More than ever, Facebook, Instagram, twitter and other platforms on social media has captured the attention of users. These platforms are very effective especially when they are applied in promotion and marketing of business. This article discusses how these social media platforms can be used to promote your business.

Encouraging engagement

Whenever you make a post of social media, always ensure that you encourage engagement around the posts. There should be a bee hive of activities around your posts. You should react on the posts and feedbacks that the content receives. You should like and comment in order to encourage following around social media. In case of Facebook for instance, respond to all the comments if possible and like them. The audience will willingly follow you and your business because you have a connection that can be felt.

Providing value

There are very many forms of value that are generated on social media every day. For you to secure a good following, you need to provide value. Let your content be valuable enough and it will give you the needed exposure for your business. No valuable content can be ignored by the audience. In fact, the best way to generate traffic and leads to provide quality and valuable content is serve consistent value. You will realize that people will share your content voluntarily and your audience will expand.

Don’t over promote your content

Promoting content on social media is a sure way of securing a great deal of followers. Out of those followers come clients who later become loyal customers of your business. However, when you overdo promotion, it appears like you are a scam. It works out negatively and it can affect the marketing of your business on social media. The end result is that people will repel from a business whose promotion is boring and overly done. Always balance promotions and you will look genuine and organized in marketing.

Address the problems promptly

Challenges are bound to happen when it comes to marketing of your content on social media. When those challenges come up, you are likely to get feedback from clients and all they want you to do it to take action and address the problems. In that case, you should aim at attending to those needs urgently and assuring the prospective clients that you are caring. When you solve the problems fast, it is a show of responsibility and an assurance of confidence in managing the business you represent.

Have a consistent schedule of posting

Always ensure that you have a consistent schedule of posting on your social media platforms. Always keep your audience aware of what to expect next and when. Do not keep them guessing about the time you can upload content. At the end or at the beginning of your videos, communicate your schedule and stick to it. Be consistent on all social media platforms and they will see you as reliable and a brand they can trust. That will make them attracted to the business that you are promoting.


In conclusion, never underestimate the power and influence of social media platforms in promoting business. Always be in the leading line to spearhead marketing that can be actualized through the various social media platforms. More so, posting on these platforms is absolutely free so long you have a profile and internet connectivity. If you have business to promote, apply the above methods and promote it effectively on social media.